A key element of BONESUPPORT’s strategy is to use the unique drug eluting properties of its CERAMENT® platform to develop a novel pipeline of products that will deliver a broad range of drugs/biologics to the bone to manage indications including osteoporosis, cancer and pain.

CERAMENT® has two key properties that enables it to play a key role in the management of such indications. These properties are

The ability of CERAMENT to deliver drugs into bone voids has led to the successful development and commercialization of  CERAMENT® G* and CERAMENT® V* in Europe. CERAMENT G and CERAMENT V deliver gentamicin and vancomycin respectively.

BONESUPPORT AB has a number of new product candidates in pre-clinical development.

*CERAMENT G and CERAMENT V are only available outside the United States and have not been approved or cleared for marketing by the United States Food & Drug Administration