Medical Professionals

The CERAMENT portfolio of products are synthetic bone void fillers consisting of 40% hydroxyapatite and 60% calcium sulfate.

There are three products available; CERAMENT BONE VOID FILLER, CERAMENT G (with gentamicin) and CERAMENT V (with vancomycin).

All CERAMENT products are injectable through a 16G needle, flowable for complete bone defect filling, and remodel into bone with 6-12 months.

CERAMENT is effective in treating patients with fractures and bone voids caused by trauma, infection, disease or related surgery.

CERAMENT BONE VOID FILLER is ideal for patients with critical-sized bone defects where you would like to promote bone healing.

To protect the bone healing in patients with bone defects at risk of colonization by microorganisms, BONESUPPORT offers CERAMENT G with gentamicin and CERAMENT V with vancomycin.

CERAMENT may be used instead of autograft or allograft, and the characteristics of CERAMENT G and V mean that surgeons can manage bone defects in a more patient-friendly single-stage procedure. CERAMENT G has proven clinical outcomes, with one of the lowest (re)fracture and (re)infection rates of any synthetic bone substitute on the market. Moving to a single-stage from a multi-stage surgical protocol also frees healthcare resources to meet other needs, paving the way for a more cost-effective strategy for hospitals.

There are more than 160 publications supporting the CERAMENT portfolio of products, and our key papers can be found on our publications and resources page.