CERAMENT is a synthetic injectable and flowable bone void filler that may replace autograft in orthopedic procedures that requires bone formation. The platform technology consists of a proprietary combination of Calcium sulfate and Hydroxyapatite where an optimal balance is achieved between implant resorption rate and bone in growth rate.

Calcium sulfate acts as a resorbable carrier for Hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite has a slow resorption rate and high osteoconductivity promoting bone ingrowth and gives long term structural support to the newly formed bone.

The antibiotic drug-eluting CERAMENT G and CERAMENT V is developed for situations where there is a risk that the bone healing process may be disturbed by the colonization of antimicrobial organisms.

By the addition of antibiotics (gentamicin) CERAMENT G and vancomycin CERAMENT V to the CERAMENT platform technology, colonization with antimicrobial sensitive microorganisms can be prevented to protect bone healing.

The product characteristic enables a single-stage procedure strategy for the management of deep bone infection, which is patient-friendly and results in improved outcome by fewer surgical procedures, shorter hospitalization, fewer reinfections, and lower costs.